Meet Foodie Mo.

Hi, I’m Foodie Mo, and my Instagram is full of food pics. Wanna see? Nah, let’s take some of your own. It’s hard to talk about Missouri and not bring up food. This state is full of flavors sure to satisfy. I know where the best of everything is — follow me.

Lazia, Kansas City

About Me

We all know food brings us together, and I’ll take seconds. I love exploring the intricacies of food, the complexities of flavor and the regional inspiration of every plate. From James Beard-awarded restaurants to down-home comfort classics, there’s plenty to try. If you want to eat like a local, get an order of toasted ravioli or Springfield-style cashew chicken. And try both barbecue styles: St. Louis and Kansas City. Bring on MO food, and wash it down with a local brew, wine or spirit. The recipe for my perfect day is below. Bon appétit.

Salud. Prost. Cheers.

After you’ve eaten your way through Missouri, you’ll need to wash it all down. Enjoy a variety of tea houses, coffee shops, breweries, local vineyards and distilleries.

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