Discover Art Districts in Missouri

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Grand Center Arts District
Grand Center Arts District

Fun on the water is best enjoyed on hot summer days, and there’s nothing like crisp fall air for watching football games. But the arts can be embraced year-round. Missouri is home to hundreds of art museums, galleries and events that celebrate the arts all year long. The state’s biggest cities have thriving districts devoted to art, music, dance and more.

Here’s a look at just a few of them:

  • North Village Arts District, Columbia – Strolling along the streets in the downtown area, you can find everything from art galleries and studios to interior design shops and live-performance venues.
  • Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City – A hub of creativity in Missouri’s largest city, this district boasts more than 100 independent studios and is home to more than 400 artists. Popular restaurants and nightclubs keep the district buzzing.
  • Grand Center, St. Louis – Encompassing just four square blocks, the area is home to 12 museums and galleries and is the site of more than 1,500 cultural events each year.

Other great arts districts in Missouri include Englewood Station in Independence, Moon City in Springfield and the Maplewood Arts District in Maplewood.

These are just a few of the places where you can enjoy the arts in Missouri. You’ll find creativity on full display in locations across the Show-Me State.