A Challenge of Gastronomical Proportions

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Think you have an insatiable appetite? With food challenges involving dripping towers of burgers and gallons of frosty malts, you can find an eating contest in every region of Missouri that will test your limits. So put on your bib, and bring your empty stomach to one of these Show-Me State restaurants. Good luck!

Picture a delicious, hand-pattied, half-pound Big Larry’s burger, dripping with cheese. Now picture a stack of five, Big Larry’s burgers measuring 9.75 inches high, surrounded by piles of fries and onion rings. Eat this monstrous burger – weighing in at a total of five pounds – in less than 30 minutes for a free meal at Larry’s on the Lake in Camdenton. Do it under 15:51 (the current winning time) to win a cash prize of $400.

Drink five malts (or shakes), any flavor you choose, in less than 30 minutes at Crown Candy Kitchen in St. Louis and win a t-shirt. You will also get your name added to the restaurant’s wall of fame, the malts for free and potentially a stomachache. Disclaimer: if you don’t complete the challenge the malts are on you.

Attempt to land the 747 Jumbo Jet Burrito Challenge at Habanero’s in Lee’s Summit. This two-foot-long, five-pound burrito is filled with beef, chicken, pork, refried beans and rice and topped with red sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato and scallions. If finished within 30 minutes, winners receive a t-shirt and their photo in the Mission Accomplished Hall of Fame.

Go to Norma’s Diner in Joplin and order the 15-egg omelet. Filled with veggies, cheese and meat and served with four pieces of toast and one pound of hash browns, this breakfast could be lunch and dinner, too! Finish in 30 minutes and your meal is free. You’ll also receive a t-shirt and a spot on the diner’s wall of fame.

Missouri’s food challenges can be found across the state and involve everything from ice cream to pizza. If you’re not afraid to see how far your stomach can stretch, you could see your name on a wall of fame!