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Beggs Berry World

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Welcome to Beggs Berry World! Stop by sometime to see us off exit 80 in Benton, Missouri. While you are here get some of of fresh produce to take home or if you are too hungry to wait, check out our restaurant for a fresh salad or sandwich or our bakery for a pastry or pie.

Beggs Berry World is a family owned business that takes experience to new levels of producing the sweetest and most delicious fruits and vegetables from the best farm lands in southeast Missouri. Beggs uses that experience gained over many years of responsible and reliable farming methods that yield prize crops year after year. Customers come from miles around all during the year to take home strawberries, melons, sweet corn, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, pumpkins, ice cream and desserts made in Cathy Beggs kitchen.

The fruits and vegetables available will vary throughout the growing season. Generally, we will have our sweet strawberries March to June; delicious cantaloupes and watermelons, July and August; as well as various other produce that we grow.


County Road 332
Benton, MO 63736

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