A Weekend Getaway to Excelsior Springs

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Only 30 minutes north of Kansas City, Excelsior Springs is a town rich with history. The multitude of mineral springs in the area earned Excelsior Springs recognition as a health resort from the 1800s until the 1960s. While crowds once flocked to the area for its healing waters, visitors today go for the fascinating museums, great shopping, delicious food, and locally made beer and wine.


A. Hall of Waters Visitor Center and Cultural Museum

Built in the 1930s, this Art Deco building was once the bottling and distribution center for the area’s mineral waters. Guests used to partake at the world’s longest water bar and two bathing departments to reap the health benefits of water from the different springs. Now, you can visit to learn about each of the springs that made the town famous.

B. Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives

Housed in a former hotel and bank, the museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and information about the history of the town itself and notable businesses and citizens who have left their mark. The Genealogy Society also hosts events in the museum for those interested in researching their ancestry.


A. Ventana Gourmet Grill

This upscale restaurant is sure to impress with a mouthwatering menu, extensive wine list and a dining room full of antique charm. Keep an eye out for the daily selection of homemade cheesecake in a variety of flavors, or stop by Ventana Sweet Kneads Bakery for baked goods to go.

B. Wabash BBQ – Excelsior Springs

Barbecue fans can feast on award-winning smoked meats in Excelsior Spring’s Historic Wabash Train Station. The Ice House Blues Garden behind the restaurant is an excellent place to unwind and listen to live music.

C. Willow Spring Mercantile

If you’re enjoying a day of shopping, drop by the Willow Spring Mercantile for a bistro lunch. After sampling the culinary delights, browse the shop’s products including craft beers, distilled spirits and made-in-Missouri gifts.


A. The Elms Hotel and Spa

What do the New York Giants, Al Capone and Harry S Truman have in common? They all stayed at the Elms Hotel and Spa at some point in its history. It’s no wonder these famous guests were drawn to the hotel – its first-rate service and amenities were well-known then and are still a selling point today.


This stately home has been updated with modern conveniences to create a relaxing and romantic bed-and-breakfast. Make your stay extra special with upgrades that include spa services and indulgent additions like champagne, flowers and more.