18th and Vine Art Festival

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The inaugural 18th & Vine Arts Festival is a 3-day festival that amplifies the work of Black artists from different artistic disciplines. We seek to highlight the art, history and culture of people of the African diaspora, celebrate the contributions that Black art has made to the world, and create a more equitable arts environment in Kansas City.

We look forward to creating a unique atmosphere where art lovers can come together in appreciation for the incredible work that these talented individuals are creating.

Musical Performances

Join us as talented musicians hit the stage

Fashion Show

Join us for an afro-futuristic fashion show

Food Vendors

Enjoy local food vendors to satisfy every taste

Located in the Historic 18th & Vine Area

Maintaining the legacy of 18th and Vine is important to our festival organizers. We plan to elevate the area by honoring the powerful history of the district and bringing in new and innovative ways to do so. We foresee this festival as an avenue for us to uplift Black businesses in the area, an avenue for us to revive the artistic richness of the neighborhood, an avenue for us to celebrate Black culture, and an avenue for us to imagine the future of art while being reminded of the phenomenal impact that 18th and Vine has made to Black history.

18th And Vine

Kansas City, MO

September 29 to October 1


18th and Vine
Open Seasonally. Check website for details.
1512 E. 18th St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

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