Taking Care: Missouri Style

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J. Rieger and Co. offers hand sanitizer for consumers.

Face it – coronavirus has turned everything on its head. Tourist attractions delayed opening for the season. Events were postponed or cancelled. People have been sheltering at home. But even during a scary time, we can find ways to cope, chill and make the best of a tough situation. Here are a few ideas:


Medical experts recommend wearing a mask when you’re in public, particularly indoors, to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. But you can bring style to the table by displaying your favorite things.


The best way to protect yourself is to make sure your hands are clean (and not touching your face). Hand sanitizer is a good alternative when you can’t get to soap and water – and some of Missouri’s distilleries are a good source for locally made products.

When you can wash your hands, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Choose a gentle, scented or specialty handcrafted soap from The Soap Guild, or shop locally created soaps from Indigo Wild in Kansas City or Sammy Soap in Kirkwood.

And don’t forget to wash for a full 20 seconds. You can sing “Happy Birthday” twice, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” once through, or choose something a bit more contemporary
designed just for this purpose!


Pandemic news can tie you in knots, so finding ways to chill are important. Try a glass of Missouri wine enhanced by locally made candles.

  • Farm House Collection in Jamesport offers a variety of fragrances perfect for setting a mood
  • JD + Kate Industries
    in St. Louis can fill your home with the scent of St. Louis or boxed wine (or more controversial choices)
  • McCall’s Candles in Tipton offers traditional look and a variety of scents to make you feel safe and cozy at home

Get out and enjoy the Show-Me State – but take care of yourself and we can get through this together.