Missouri Wine: The Seasonal Shift

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The change in seasons is in full swing. We’re ready to wrap up in a sweater, slow things down a little and savor seasonal comfort foods. Often, the arrival of fall and winter means wine preferences change as well. If you’re a fan of Missouri wines, here are some ways to make a smooth and delicious transition.

A glass of red wine on a table. In the background, a steak with potatoes and silverware and a wine carafe are partially visible.

Rich Flavors

The crisp white and rosé wines that were perfect for spring and summer may not cut it as cooler weather prevails. If you’re looking for richer flavors, try Chardonel, Chambourcin and Norton. Chardonel is a white wine that is full of flavor and can be creamy and rich when aged in oak barrels. Chambourcin is an earthy and often jammy red wine that is very food friendly and great for sipping. Norton, Missouri’s official state grape, makes big and bold dry red wines. If you’re looking for something slightly sweeter, try Concord or semi-sweet red wine blends at local wineries.

Favorite Pairings

As the temperature drops, the light fare of summer gives way to heartier dishes such as chili, soups and casseroles. This guide can help you find the perfect pairing for delicious seasonal favorites.

Seasonal Flavors

Take advantage of the fall harvest season and combine apple cider and wine. This Apple Cider Sangria recipe is easy, delicious and perfect for get-togethers and holiday celebrations.

A number of Missouri wineries make festive seasonal wines, including pumpkin, apple and cranberry. Wineries that offer these specialty wines include: 7Cs Winery, Edg-Clif Vineyard, Endless Summer Winery, Hemman Winery, Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery, Meramec Vineyards, Riverwood Winery, St. James Winery, Wenwood Farm Winery, and Windy Wine Co.

Wineries across the state frequently release new wines. Head out to Missouri wine country to find your new seasonal favorite.