Missouri Motorcycle Madness

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Motorcycling is pretty high in cool factor. It’s always been cool – but now it’s hotter than ever.

Photo by @lm4photo via Instagram.

As with most activities that people get passionate about, it can be kind of hard to pin down the reason it’s so attractive. I asked a few friends to tell me why motorcycling is so important to them. A few universal themes came through – and they’re all things the Show-Me State has in abundance:

“Freedom of adventure and curiosity.” (Scott Reeter)

“It’s like sailing. You feel the movement of your body directly affecting the handling of the vessel.”(Tim Carson)

“Seeing the world without any barriers is wonderful.” (Carla Hicklin)

Evidently, when it comes to motorcycling, the old adage is true: half the fun is getting there.

“If we see a road we like, we take that. We ride until we’re tired and then we spend the night somewhere.” (Jan Bruner)

If half the fun is getting there, the other half is getting there with people who also love life on a bike.

“There’s a camaraderie with people who ride – we’ve met people from all over the country that we get together and ride with.” (Jan Bruner)

“There’s the adventure of meeting new people so we got to share our experiences as well.” (Cyndi Morris-Sapp)

If you’re new to the sport and need a place to start, check out Motorcycle the Ozarks Tours. They offer five self-guided motorcycle adventures, all starting from Eminence, with some of the prettiest scenery in the state.

And if you’re looking for like-minded people who want to hit the road on two (or three) wheels, make time for one (or more) of the motorcycle rallies that have sprung up all over the state. (Just a sampling are listed below.) They’ll hook you up with everything from the coolest accessories to the newest riding buddies – and everything in between.

Once you start exploring Missouri’s back roads, you’ll be hooked. Be sure to share your photos on social media using #MissouriAdventure.