Let’s Taco ‘Bout Missouri Tacos

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A taco is a nearly-perfect food. The delicious filling can be almost anything – meat or veggies, spicy or mild – but it usually combines flavors and textures that keep you coming back for more. And it’s all wrapped up in a soft or crispy tortilla, the perfect vehicle for transporting it from your plate to your mouth. As if that’s not enough, additional toppings provide an extra kick of flavor. Now, the only shortcoming, if you can even call it that, is when you get down to those last few bites and things get a little messy, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you suddenly find yourself with a craving for this delectable dish, here are a few ideas:

44 Canteen – Columbia

Well known for its craft beer and cocktails, 44 Canteen also serves up some stellar tacos. There are 10 options on the menu, and they range from the Sloppy Jose – a Mexican twist on the sloppy joe with house-made chorizo and a smoky chile sauce – to a vegetarian option that subs the meat out for sweet potatoes.

Arandas Tacos – Branson

Classic taco lovers will appreciate the offerings at Arandas Tacos in Branson: al pastor, asada, chorizo, pollo, ground beef, birria and shrimp. Other options include tripe, tongue and beef cheek. The tacos are simple, but they’re packed with flavor.

I Love Tacos Taqueria – Springfield

Originally starting as a group of food trucks, I Love Tacos Taqueria was met with so much success that it became necessary to expand into a brick-and-mortar shop as well. The taqueria continues to make all the local favorites, including the camaron taco, which is filled with shrimp and a homemade chipotle sauce.

KC Taco Company – Kansas City

Located in Kansas City’s River Market, KC Taco Company has a taco for every preference. The seafood tacos are standouts with baja wild-caught cod, spicy ahi tuna, Thai chili shrimp and lobster. There are also great meat-free options: portabella mushroom, roasted cauliflower, and avocado and bean.

Sweet Smoke BBQ – Jefferson City

As its name suggests, Sweet Smoke BBQ is technically a barbecue restaurant. However, you’ll find that the I Love Texas tacos hit the spot when you’re craving tacos but barbecue also sounds  good. They’re topped with brisket, smoked turkey and pulled pork along with coleslaw and roasted corn relish.

Taco & Ice Cream Joint – St. Louis

Tacos and ice cream. What’s not to love? Located on Cherokee Street, a thriving Latino neighborhood in St. Louis, Taco & Ice Cream Joint is the place to be on Taco Tuesday when they’re selling tacos for $1.50 each. Try their take on classics like carnitas, al pastor and chorizo.  

Taco Taco – Poplar Bluff

Taco Taco is all about making delicious, healthy food. Craft your perfect bite by choosing from their selection of marinated or grilled meats, fresh toppings and a variety of salsas. They also have a taco truck that serves the communities of southeast Missouri.

Taqueria Morita – St. Louis

Enjoy al fresco dining at Vicia’s latest expansion, Taqueria Morita. The casual-but-elevated offerings feature a variety of fillings including oyster mushroom, eggplant barbacoa, pork adobada, fish tempura and carne asada.

Tiki Taco – Kansas City Tiki Taco is dedicated to serving inexpensive, tasty food that expertly fuses international flavors. The Korean beef and Thai fried chicken tacos give you a taste of Asia while the jerk taco will transport you to Jamaica. The menu also features spicy al pastor, grilled shrimp and street tacos.