Missouri’s Film Festivals

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Take your movie binging to a new level. Step away from your streaming service of choice and check out the fantastic film festivals held in the Show-Me State each year. Not only will you get the opportunity to watch films that may never be screened outside the festival, but also you could get the chance to ask your favorite actors about their roles during a post-screening Q&A session.

With a wide array of offerings – from horror flicks to introspective short films – the festivals cater to a variety of cinematic tastes and showcase films that will leave an impression that lasts long after the credits have rolled.

Branson International Film Festival
This faith-based, family-friendly festival was created to give Christian filmmakers from across the globe an outlet to share their work. Paid membership to the Branson International Film Festival will earn you benefits at the event, such as discounts, subscription to an e-newsletter and more.

Central Film Festival
Each year, Springfield hosts one of the only student-led film festivals in the country. Talented high school students submit their short films to the festival where they are screened and judged at a professional level.

Kansas City Film Fest International
Kansas City Film Fest is a celebration of the power of storytelling. The festival provides opportunities for local filmmakers to showcase their work alongside artists from the rest of the country and beyond. The event also includes a youth film contest called Reel Spirit. This event is usually held in April.

Panic Fest
Horror lovers flock to Panic Fest, a film festival that focuses exclusively on projects of a darker nature. Hosted at a historic theater in Kansas City, the event includes short films, feature films and live events, such as live podcasts, panels and post-show Q&A discussions.

QFest St. Louis
The LGBTQ community takes center stage at QFest, a film festival sponsored by Cinema St. Louis. The productions presented at the festival include documentaries and narratives – all of which have storylines that are relevant to LGBTQ audiences.

Rated SGF Film Festival
Films for Rated SGF are carefully selected to provide an experience that is beautiful and thought-provoking. Local musicians attend to perform songs inspired by the films, and local artists create movie posters that can be seen around downtown Springfield.

Riverside Short Film Festival
The Historic Walt Theatre in New Haven serves as the base for the Riverside Short Film Festival. The short films featured at the festival aim to teach audiences about global perspectives while offering a platform for filmmakers to gain exposure to a wider audience.

St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase
St. Louis filmmakers are put in the spotlight during the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase – the city’s primary venue for locally made films. Full-length and multi-film productions are presented at the event with a post-screening Q&A following each feature-length film. This event is usually held in July.

St. Louis International Film Festival
Experience some of the most captivating and thought-provoking cinematic masterpieces on the big screen at St. Louis International Film Festival. During the event, which is held over several weeks, hundreds of films are screened. This event is usually held in November.

St. Louis Jewish Film Festival
Hosted by the Jewish Community Center, the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival gives attendees the opportunity to travel the world through film. The festival accepts national and international productions that illustrate Jewish perspectives of universal issues.

True/False Film Fest
Creative placemaking is the focus of the True/False Film Fest. Local artists transform downtown Columbia specifically for the festival to provide an immersive experience. The high-spirited environment is the perfect accompaniment for the artistic films. This event is usually held in March.

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