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American Revolutionary War Era Flagway

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6120 SE Hwy 54, 3 miles west of Collins, MO
American Revolutionary War-Era Flagway
Continental, French, Spanish and Native American Flags
Come See The Worlds Largest Display of American Revolutionary War Flags

Visit the World’s Largest Display of American Revolutionary War – Era Flags in the United States! Sue and Ken Molzahn began an ambitious patriotic flag project in the summer of 2017 three miles west of Collins, MO on US Hwy 54. Their ‘flagway’ goes down their 1/8th mile driveway, has over 315 replica, hand-painted or sewn replica flags honoring the militia, regimental, dragoon, artillery, naval ensigns, and variations of the original 13-star ‘Stars and Stripes.’ Also included are the regimental flags of the French Expeditionary Units that participated and fought along side George Washington’s army for an Independent America.

Because their home is in territory, at the time of the rebellion, which was within Spanish Louisiana the ‘flagway’ also includes the militia and regimental flags of Spain. This honors Spain’s battles against the British in Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Alabama and Florida; along with their decisive aid in money, war munitions and strategic campaigns which prevented British counter measures especially during the 1780 and 1781 British southern campaign which ended in defeat at Yorktown.

Finally, incorporated throughout the ‘flagway’ are the flags of the “Forgotten Allies”, that is, the Native American Tribes, which sided with the United States (and Spain). To honor their sacrifices fighting along side continental regiments against British and Tory/Loyalist forces their modern tribal flags are included in the important battles they bleed and died in. The flagway is chronologically: beginning in 1764 with the King’s Colours, the 1760’s to 1770’s colonial protest flags to Lexington and Concord and, finally, ending at Yorktown.   


Open Seasonally. Check website for details.
6120 SE Highway 54
Collins, MO 64738

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