Raytown Historical Society Museum

9705 E 63rd St.
Raytown, MO 64133
Phone: 816-353-5033
The history of any community begins with written records. Much research is required to find these records and make them available to the public. The Raytown Historical Society is pleased to share these facts often requested by youth groups, college students and new citizens. The society hopes that Raytown citizens will continue to make and record valuable contributions to the history of Raytown.

Raytown is located approximately 8 miles (or one days journey by covered wagon) from Independence on the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails. Many travelers noted the Rice Plantation and Ray's Blacksmith shop in their diaries during their travels west.

The Raytown Historical Society was chartered in 1966 and continues to grow today.

Exhibits include special displays, along with Ray's Blacksmith Shop, General Store, pictorial history of Raytown, schoolroom and clothing display.
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