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Explore Missouri’s Past
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Discover the troubled past of Missouri's most infamous outlaw. Learn about the enterprises that supported the economies of small, industrious towns. Take the family on a journey of imagination through Missouri’s historic sites.

Geology meets machinery at Missouri Mines State Historic Site in Park Hills. Located in the old lead-belt, the 25-acre mine & mill area boasts one of the country’s best mineral collections. Eyes light up as minerals glow under “black light.” Spectacular crystals, precious gemstones and gorgeous geodes are displayed in massive antique cabinets. Marvel at the sight of a hand-powered crane hoist, which once moved objects weighing as much as 25,000 pounds.

An hour and a half north of Missouri Mines, visit the Georgian-style mansion Daniel Boone called home. Journey through the past at The Daniel Boone Home and Boonesfield Village, six miles west of Defiance.
With a glimpse into the life on the Missouri frontier, let your imagination run free as you tour Boone’s home, the schoolhouse, the Old Peace Chapel and the village.

Spend a day in central Missouri. Start in Fulton, where you can touch history. See eight sections of the actual Berlin Wall (with it original graffiti) that once stood between the freedom of West Berlin and the socialist state of East Berlin. The Berlin Wall "Breakthrough” Sculpture, at 11-foot-high by 32-foot-long, is a big history lesson within itself. It stands on the campus of Westminster College, beside the National Churchill Museum. Inside the museum, you can study the history of Winston Churchill and the world in which he lived. Churchill delivered his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech at Westminster Collage. Don’t end the trip there; use this VisitMO Trip Idea and discover more history in Missouri’s capital, Jefferson City, 25 miles south of Fulton.

Visit the house where the infamous outlaw Jesse James met his end in 1882. While Jesse was straightening a picture on the wall, he was gunned down by a member of his own gang. The Jesse James Home, relocated to the grounds of the Patee House Museum in St. Joseph, is filled with artifacts of Jesse’s life, his exploits and his death. Stand in the spot where Jesse stood on that fateful day. Just four blocks west you can explore the fascinating exhibits of the Pony Express National Museum, housed inside the actual stables where the brave riders began their journeys west in 1882.

In Springfield, you can tour a castle built by the Knights of Pythias. The Pythian Castle was built as an orphanage in 1913; it later became a military complex. Explore the dungeons and feel the rock walls of cells that held prisoners of war. Have the eerie experience of paranormal activity during a guided ghost tour.

Discover true nostalgia and live the American treasure that is Route 66. Historic Route 66 is much-loved and revered by many Americans and international travelers. The road “winds from Chicago to L.A.,” but its origins started in Springfield, Missouri. Stop in at the Springfield Route 66 Information Center for details about the road’s origin. They have maps and guides for the area. About one hour to the east, visit the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon. Continue your trip by traveling sections of the original “Mother Road,” outlined on Pulaski County’s self-guided Route 66 Driving Adventure. Farther east, stop at Route 66 State Park, a couple of miles east of Eureka. The park includes: a visitor center, filled with exhibits; Meramec River access; picnic areas; and nature trails.

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