Missouri and the American Civil War


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Missouri played a significant role in the Civil War. With some Missourians fighting for the Union and others aligned with the Confederacy, the war made a huge impact on the state and divided towns and even families. Learn about this fascinating history when you plan a trip to Missouri.

In Arcadia, the Iron County History Museum features an extensive array of Civil War artifacts. See the Union battle flag that flew over the Battle of Pilot Knob. Visit the place where the battle itself was fought: Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site in Pilot Knob, where Union forces defeated the Confederate troops after two days of intense fighting.

As you continue your Southeast Missouri Civil War tour, visit the Cape Girardeau Common Pleas Courthouse. This stately building once jailed Southern sympathizers and, rumor has it, Confederate soldiers. A memorial to Union soldiers stands on the west side of the courthouse.

In Dexter, stand in the place where military units once camped and recruited soldiers: the Frenchman’s Spring Historical Marker. In July 1861, approximately 2,000 Missouri soldiers convened at this spring and formed the First Division of the Missouri State Guard.

In Bloomfield, visit the Bloomfield Civil War Cemetery and pay homage to 150 soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War. The cemetery contains markers for each soldier, along with the story of when, where and how that soldier died.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, 12 miles south of downtown St. Louis, is the final resting place for many men and women who served in battles ranging from the War of Independence through the present conflicts.

Jefferson City plays a significant role in history. As the capital, Jefferson City hosts the state legislature and is the headquarters for the Missouri National Guard. Discover more at Lincoln University and the Soldiers Memorial Plaza. Tour the university, founded in 1866 by the men of the 62nd and 65th United States Colored Infantries for the benefit of freed slaves. An impressive statue and monument, in Soldiers Memorial Plaza on campus, honors these infantrymen and the university’s founders.

Ten miles north of Kahoka, history echoes throughout the Battle of Athens State Historic Site, where Union troops were victorious over the pro-South Missouri State Guard in the northernmost battle of the Civil War. Uncover the past when you take a history tour. Spend the day at the site; facilities include camping, hiking, fishing, picnicking and boating.

About nine miles southwest of Butler, the Battle of Island Mound State Historic Site commemorates the first time African-American troops fought in the Civil War – nearly a year before the battle depicted in the movie, Glory. This historic site is built on the ground that once held Camp Africa, where the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry camped in 1862 before battling pro-Confederate forces.


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