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Explore indoor attractions found across Missouri.
Author: MDT Staff

Okay, so being outdoors in the cold winter weather isn’t your idea of fun. No problem there. Tons of fun indoor winter activities are available in Missouri, so entertaining those visiting family members is a snap. Here are some prime examples of the thousands of indoor winter activities across the Show-Me State. (But keep in mind; these sites don't shut-down with the start of spring...they are all available year-round.)

One of Missouri’s unique museums is located smack-dab in the original section of St. Joseph. The Patee House occupies what was, in 1858, a four story luxury hotel. Inside activities you’ll find include wonders ranging from an 1877 railroad depot to a complete street from the 1860s, a full size train to a vintage carousel, a horse-drawn hearse, a real gallows, a blacksmith shop and ... well, you’ll just have to see for yourselves. We assure you, everyone will enjoy this one.

Out back of the Patee House, visit the Jesse James Home and museum, where the famous outlaw was gunned-down on April 3, 1882, by fellow gang member Bob Ford. To stay on the trail of the Wild West, a three block walk (or drive) takes you to the Pony Express National Museum, where the famous mail service began in 1860.

St. Louis is home to City Museum, one of the most fascinating museums in the Midwest (maybe the universe); it is unlike any museum you’ve ever visited. Fun indoor winter activities and exciting summer outdoor experiences are the name of the game there. If you are expecting paintings and statues in quiet, stuffy galleries; well...not a chance. This place houses the World’s Largest Jungle Gym; five-story and ten-story spiral slides; a working 1940s Ferris Wheel (outside, on the roof); Enchanted Caves; MonstroCity (find out for yourself what that is); a cafe; and the list goes on and on. 

Two hours to the north of St. Louis, on the outskirts of Hannibal, is another truly unique attraction. Mark Twain Cave is one of a few labyrinth-style caves in the world, where the passages form crisscrossing patterns. The temperature inside is always 52 degrees – that’s truly a winter indoor activity that is warm in the dead of winter, and a cool spot in the heat of summer – the best for all seasons. Tours are given year-round. There is a large campground on-site.

A trip to Bonne Terre, an hour south of St. Louis, affords you two very interesting possibilities for indoor winter activities.

With a diverse assortment of more than 600 artifacts, exhibits and interactive displays, The Space Museum exposes you to humankind's greatest adventures.You'll learn what space travel really is (and can be) like.

Travel from outer space to inner space by driving two blocks to Bonne Terre Mine, one of the world’s largest man-made caverns. National Geographic calls Bonne Terre Mine: "One of America's Top 10 Greatest Adventures." The two upper levels are used for guided walking tours along the old mule trails, showing where miners dug with pick and shovel in the 1860s. The lower three levels form a one-billion-gallon, seventeen-mile long lake, illuminated by more than 500,000 watts of stadium lighting above the water’s surface. Boat tours are available, with spectacular views of the abandoned shafts and equipment below. The mine is home to the largest fresh-water scuba diving venue in the world. (Reservations are required for scuba tours.)

In central Missouri, learn about Missouri’s history at the Missouri State Museum, inside the Capitol in Jefferson City. Interesting and educational fun indoor winter activities will keep you occupied and warm. Visitors may roam the museum at their own pace. Free, guided tours of the Capitol provide an excellent education on the State of Missouri and the structure itself. Self-guided maps are available at the tour desk, on the first floor.

Not into museums? Okay ... get on over to Osage Beach and have a fight. Inside Lazer Force Lazer Tag Zone’s 4,000-square-foot indoor battlefield, you find yourself engulfed in black light, fog, flashing strobe lights and heart-pounding music. This is family friendly excitement from start to finish. (Other locations in Joplin and Springfield.)

Springfield is home to an interactive, hands-on science center for all ages. Discovery Center’s unique environment allows visitors to explore and discover at their own pace. Hundreds of exhibits explore physics, chemistry, energy, health and culture. You will be amazed at how much fun you are having, while learning fun science facts.

Do you realize, one of the top tourist attractions in the Midwest is in Springfield, Missouri? Welcome to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, where your indoor winter activities are all about outdoor year-round adventures. This shopping paradise has gear for every outdoor activity you can think of, and some you won’t think of. In addition to the amazing array of sporting equipment, the facility is home to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, with more than 1,000 incredible artifacts dating from the 1600s to modern day, including some of the finest and most historically significant firearms from the NRA Museum Collection. Also on-site, visit the 3,500-square-foot Archery Hall of Fame.

That should be enough to get you out of the house and started on a trip of discovery. All of America would love to know what you discovered. Share your comments and photos on our VisitMO Facebook page.



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