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Help Missouri Tourism Grow
Author: Gary Figgins
Missouri vehicle owners have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting a personalized license plate for their vehicle; but when it comes to promoting the state while traveling along America's highways, the Missouri Tourism plate is an attention-getter.

You can help promote Missouri as one of the top travel destinations in the U.S. by purchasing a Missouri Tourism license plate. Funds from the plates finance tourism education and travel marketing programs.

The specialty plate stands out from Missouri's standard plate and 100-plus other specialty plates, by paying homage to various aspects of Missouri's tourism industry.

"You would be amazed at how many requests for this plate come from people who don't necessarily live in recognized tourism areas," says Pat Amick, executive director of the Missouri Travel Council (MTC), the tourism plate's sponsoring organization. "We have even had requests for demo plates from as far away as the East Coast. Apparently, license plate collecting is a hobby."

A blue depiction of the Gateway Arch represents the state's single-most identifiable icon, while a riverboat (created by Washington, Mo., artist Gary Lucy) represents the vital roles played by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers throughout American history.

The idea for a transcontinental highway winding from Chicago to Los Angeles was conceived in Springfield, the birthplace of Historic Route 66. The yellow saxophone pays tribute to Kansas City's and Missouri's musical heritage, along with the fiddle, which represents the musical attractions of Branson and the Ozarks. A Pony Express rider harkens back to the famous mail delivery service which originated in St. Joseph. The sun in the background represents the Lake of the Ozarks, where it’s always sunny and 85.

To obtain a tourism license plate, visit the Missouri Travel Council website, click on the license plate image and follow the instructions. An "emblem use authorization form" must be presented at the local license bureau office. The form can be obtained from MTC for $25 (one year) or $50 (two-years).

All specialty plates are considered personalized plates, so they require a personalized plate application form, available upon request at the local license bureau office. Standard licensing fees still apply. These plates allow for six spaces or five spaces and one dash; however, the disabled plate version accommodates only four characters.

Revenue generated by the tourism license plate sales goes into a special fund earmarked for unique tourism marketing initiatives.

The Department of Revenue issues several hundred Tourism Plates (introduced in 2004) each year. Get yours today and help support tourism in the Show-Me State.