Get Rolling at Missouri's Theme Parks


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Roller coasters offer fast-paced fun at Missouri's theme parks.
Author: Stephen Foutes

Missouri's theme and amusement parks are well known for their impressive roller coasters.

Whether you visit Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Silver Dollar City in Branson or Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, you'll have a rocking good time rolling on Missouri's coasters.

Here's a quick look at three roller coasters found at each of the three parks. Add them to your roller coaster bucket list. And remember, roller coasters aren't built just for summer fun. The fall is a great time to visit Missouri's theme parks, where you may find shorter lines, and shorter wait times, for your favorite rides.

Worlds of Fun
 • The Patriot - This adrenaline rush of a ride maxes out at 65 mph and includes four inversions and a 123-foot curved drop. Lasting more than two minutes, this ride packs plenty of high-speed thrills.
 • Spinning Dragons - You're on a roller coaster, which is daring enough. But on Spinning Dragons, the car you ride in spins independently, meaning your view changes from ride to ride. While the coaster tops out at 30 mph, the spinning action makes up for any relative lack of speed.
 • Mamba - A staple at Worlds of Fun for more than 20 years, Mamba combines both staggering heights and amazing speeds into one spectacular ride. Reaching about 75 mph, this coaster packs nine drops into a three-minute out-and-back trip.

Silver Dollar City
• Outlaw Run - The second-fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, with top speeds reaching 68 mph, Outlaw Run is the only wooden coaster in the world to have a double barrel roll and the only coaster to twist upside down three times.
• Wildfire - Your hair will be a bit of a mess after this one, thanks to the wind whipping through it at 66 mph. Along with awesome speeds, Wildfire features a 15-story vertical drop. You'll likely lose your voice, screaming like a kid.
• Powderkeg - Perhaps the only thing you need to know is you go from 0 to 53 mph in a little less than three seconds. And that's just the beginning. Top speeds reach 64 mph and the ride includes a 110-foot drop.

Six Flags St. Louis
• Batman - You'll cover about a half-mile of track in two minutes, reaching speeds up to 50 mph as you loop and swirl through this popular ride. The ride packs an early punch, featuring a full 360-degree loop right after the initial 11-story climb.
• Boss - This impressive wooden coaster has nearly a full mile of track and the ride lasts three minutes, so it's worth whatever time you might have to wait in line. You'll top out at 66 mph and experience a maximum drop of 150 feet.
• Mr. Freeze - This reverse ride is all about speed, taking you from 0 to 70 mph in less than four seconds. Two 90-degree slopes, a 120-degree banked turn and a rocket-like ride up a 218-foot tower make Mr. Freeze a villain you'll remember long after the ride ends.

In addition to awesome thrill rides like those mentioned above, Missouri's amusement parks host a variety of special events and festivals throughout the year. Check the websites for each of the three parks and start planning your next adventure today!

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