Five Things You Need to Know About Royal Country


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Get prepped to jump on the Kansas City Royals bandwagon.
Author: Stephen Foutes

As the Kansas City Royals prepare to host the opening game of the 2015 World Series, the team at VisitMO wanted to take a minute to help baseball fans - and potential Royals' bandwagon jumpers - gain a better understanding of Royal Country and why people in the Show-Me State are so excited about the opportunity to #TakeTheCrown.

As such, here's a quick tutorial designed to help you understand Kansas City, the Royals and Missouri. And for easier pregame reading, it's presented in convenient Top 5 form:

5. The Royals Play in Missouri - Don't let the name fool you, Kansas City is in Missouri - in fact, it's the largest city in the Show-Me State. In addition to baseball, Kansas City has long been a hotbed of arts and culture. An example: The city's 18th and Vine District was instrumental in the rise of jazz music in the U.S.

4. It's MOOSE Not Boos - When Royals infielder Mike Moustakas comes up to bat, he's not being booed by the home crowd. Instead, they are showing affection by bellowing his nickname - Moose - and exaggerating the OO sound. Duh.

3. Barbecue is Awesome - This really doesn't have anything to do with baseball. Barbecue is just really good. And Kansas City has some of the best in the country. With more than 100 barbecue restaurants, choices abound. For the Royals, the secret sauce is equal parts grit, determination and hard work.

2. Kauffman Stadium Rocks - Kansas City is known as the home of loud sports fans, with Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Chiefs) being one of, if not the, loudest stadiums in the NFL. Well, The K holds its own when it comes to vocal fans, who shake parts of Jackson County when the Royals take the field, launch a homer and make great defensive plays. With Crown Vision, one of the largest high-definition video boards in the majors, and one of the world's largest privately-owned fountains, it's a great venue for postseason baseball.

1. Experience Matters - The Royals are making their second World Series appearance in as many years; they are battle tested and won't buckle under the pressure. Yes, it's a good time to be #ForeverRoyal!

Enjoy the games and GO ROYALS!!

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