Find Locally-Sourced Food in Missouri


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Restaurants work with regional producers to bring tastes of the Show-Me State to your table.
Author: Stephen Foutes
When it comes to selecting the perfect restaurant to enhance your travel experience, there’s an old axiom that generally works pretty well: Eat where the locals eat.

In Missouri, you can take that a step further by dining at restaurants whose food is supplied by the locals, too.

Locally-sourced menu items give you a true taste of the area you’re visiting and they are available at restaurants across the Show-Me State.

Here’s a sampling of the places you’ll find them:

Metropolitan Farmer – From vegetables and eggs to trout, chicken, pork and beef, you find a variety of Missouri-grown/raised products on the menu at this Springfield eatery.

Faithfully Fed – Local is the name of the game at this Cape Girardeau restaurant, where the staff works with area farmers to source fresh goods, including meat, eggs, greens and honey.

Sycamore Restaurant – In the heart of downtown Columbia, ingredients are supplied by local organic farms, orchards and ranches. Sandwich and pita breads are baked in-house.

The Farmhouse, Kansas City – Farmers around the region supply everything from beets to rabbit, along with Icelandic lamb, which is raised on a farm near Plattsburg.

Sidney Street Café, St. Louis – Fruits, vegetables and herbs on Sidney Street’s menu aren’t just local, they’re hyper-local: they come from a large garden that’s adjacent to the restaurant’s parking lot.

Again, this is just a sampling of the Missouri restaurants where fresh tastes come direct from the farm. Keep exploring and start planning your Missouri adventure today.

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