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Sightseeing in Missouri
Author: Charles Scott

As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.” When you see all of the amazing sights in Missouri, you'll definitely believe the Show-Me State is a hotbed of art and culture. As examples, we offer these attractions.

Visitors to the Money Museum, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, can experience an enhanced audio tour throughout the museum. The audio tour provides unique and engaging information about several popular exhibits. Visitors use their mobile phone to dial a number, scan a code, or enter a URL posted on exhibit signs. Guests may explore interactive exhibits illustrating the ways the banking system, payments systems and monetary policy affect them and their families. You can look into one of the Midwest’s largest cash vaults; and lift a 27-pound gold bar, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Citygarden, in downtown St. Louis, sculptures and installations by world-renowned artists dot the landscape. Get an up-close look at pieces by such famous artists as Keith Haring and Mark Di Suvero; take a cooling stroll through Citygarden's many fountains; and enjoy a delicious lunch at Terrace View, the on-site restaurant.

On the campus of Saint Louis University sits the
Historic Samuel Cupples House, a Romanesque Revival mansion with 42 gorgeous rooms. It is home to the Eleanor Turshin Glass Collection, one of the largest collections of its kind in the nation. Fine art and original furnishings lend additional grandeur to this extraordinary house.

History comes to life in
Fulton, at the National Churchill Museum, paying homage to the great statesman, Sir Winston Churchill. Visit this museum to learn more about Churchill's critical role in World War I and World War II. Watch Churchill's Finest Hour, to see how Great Britain and its allies prevailed in World War II; experience the sights and sounds of a London air raid; view many of Churchill's personal correspondences and personal artifacts; and try your hand at cracking secret codes used during wartime. On the grounds, visit a sculpture made from three sections of the actual Berlin Wall.

For a dose of fascinating local history, head to
Ozark County Historium, in Gainesville. See arts and crafts created in this region; learn about the lives of previous generations of Ozark County residents; watch craftsmen transform split oak strips into beautiful baskets; enjoy the music of an award-winning fiddler; explore the large genealogy library; and find other fascinating diversions. Even the museum building itself is a piece of history: in a former life, it was the General Grocery.

Springfield, take a train trip through time at the Railroad Historical Museum. Step into the Frisco 4524 locomotive, the Burlington Baggage Car, the Chicago Northwestern Commuter Car, and the Burlington Northern Caboose. All of the hands-on activities make the Railroad Historical Museum a ton of fun, for kids and adults.

Discover a fine art wonderland at the
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, in Kansas City. This renowned cultural institution houses amazing permanent and rotating collections. Thanks to the four gigantic badminton shuttlecocks gracing the front lawn, you'll certainly know when you've arrived at Nelson-Atkins. Step inside to view hundreds of works from major artists, and see why many art aficionados consider this one of the finest museums in the United States. The galleries contain American Indian, Asian, Egyptian and European art; the adjacent Kansas City Sculpture Park boasts works by renowned 20th-century sculptors.

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