Escape Room Adventure with Breakout KC


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Kansas City's popular escape room serves up fun for groups.
Author: Stephen Foutes
You know it’s game on when the door shuts.

So begins the fun at Breakout KC, an escape room adventure presently sitting atop Trip Advisor’s list of fun and games activities in Kansas City.

A recent winter’s day called for a break from the office and Breakout KC was the perfect destination for our group. The Szechuan Secret was selected as our room; seeing its low 19 percent success rate was daunting, but our group was confident.

Without giving away too much, the scenario revolves around an international hostage situation (that’s why you’re locked up). Standing between your group and freedom are dozens of clues, puzzles and combination locks that need solving and unlatching.

Oh, and there’s a surprise obstacle that occupied our group’s attention for the first 10 minutes or so.

Math skills, keen observations and the occasional clue from the folks in the control room (the first three clues are free, clues given thereafter add 30 seconds to your escape time) are part of the enormously entertaining Breakout KC experience.

As we worked through the adventure, our group employed a variety of tools that initially seemed innocent enough, but ultimately were integral in solving the puzzle leading to freedom.

In one of the room’s upper corners is a large television with a running timer that helps give the scenario a “24” (you know, the TV show with Jack Bauer) feel.

There’s something about seeing the clock running that really gets your adrenaline pumping. The TV also is a lifeline of sorts, as the folks in the control room can communicate with your group (alternately giving clues and taunting you in a fun way).

As we neared the end of our 60-minute adventure, we worried the Szechuan Secret was going to remain just that – a secret. Fortunately, the group unlocked major pieces of the puzzle in the waning minutes and we escaped with about five minutes to spare.

Some secrets, it seems, are meant to be unraveled.