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Chocolate shops in the spotlight in 'Delectable Destinations'
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Missouri, a state known for its natural beauty, baseball, jazz and blues also is a chocolate lover’s ideal getaway. Yet, when Americans think about U.S. chocolate destinations, the Show-Me State doesn’t pop into their minds.

But it should.

St. Louis author Deborah Reinhardt, for the first time, gathers Missouri chocolate makers together in her book “Delectable Destinations: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Missouri.”

Reinhardt shares the stories and creations of more than 20 chocolatiers, from Kansas City to St. Louis and Hannibal to Springfield.

Americans consume on average per year $18 billion in chocolate, according to Forbes magazine. The media is filled with various reports about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Even in sluggish economies, chocolate in the U.S. and Europe is considered an affordable luxury.

But for Reinhardt, writing about chocolate is personal.

“I can’t remember when I didn’t love chocolate,” she says, adding that as a child, she had a cocoa allergy.

“Thankfully, I’ve grown out of that,” she adds. “But I think that’s why chocolate has always been my siren’s song.

Missouri’s range of chocolate shops and artisans ranges from large factories to entrepreneurs who create bean-to-bar chocolate. Missouri has three bean-to-bar chocolatiers, meaning they source the beans to create the chocolate used to make their bars and bonbons.

No matter where you travel to in Missouri or what your taste in chocolate might be, you can satisfy your sweet tooth in the Show-Me State.


“Delectable Destinations: A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Missouri.”

160 pages Hardcover

Retail: $24.95

Acclaim Press

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