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This is the single most important decision you will make while at Booche's so here's a little insight into our complex order system that I believe was designed by NASA engineers. The default is the cheeseburger so if you say 'I want a burger' you're getting it with cheese and we only have one cheese option so save all of your Swiss Blue Cheddar Colby or Vache Qui Rit for another time. We cook them one way so no 'medium rare to medium' orders. The condiment options are Ketchup Mustard Pickles & Onions. That's it. If you want a cheeseburger with everything it's called an 'E'. If you want everything but let's say onions then it's a 'No O'. If you just like Ketchup and Mustard you would order it as a 'KM'. If you just like Pickles it's a 'P'.So to recap if you have one item left off it's 'No' and then the first letter of the topping you don't want. If you only want two toppings then it's the first letter of your two toppings put together like 'KP'. If you only want one item on your burger then it's just that first letter of your desired topping all by itself M. If you don't want anything on it then you order it 'Plain'.Now here's where it gets complex. If you want a hamburger then you put an 'HB' before your condiment options. So a hamburger with everything is an 'HBE' just Ketchup and Onions is 'HBKO' just mustard 'HBM' nothing 'HBPlain'. You are now fully prepared to embark on your Booche's ordering adventure Please feel free to practice your order in this discussion and share your 'ideal' burger order knowing you will be subject to a 'server correction' if needed. Cheers.

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