Missouri Wine Always Pairs Well with Missouri Chocolate

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Much like wine, high quality chocolate is something to be savored and appreciated. The fermentation of grapes for wine and cacao seeds for chocolate is what gives both their complex flavors. Some dark chocolate is even aged like wine to bring out more of its delicious qualities. With so many similarities, it is no surprise that wine and chocolate are a lovely pairing.

Chocolate is a common flavor profile found in wines aged in oak barrels. Some Missouri wineries, such as Pirtle, Riverwood, St. James, Van Till Family Farm and Westphalia produce chocolate flavored wines great for sipping. These wines are often seasonal, so don’t wait or you might miss them!

A general rule for enjoying wine and chocolate together is that the wine should be as sweet or sweeter than the chocolate. A raspberry or cherry fruit wine would go well with white and milk chocolates. Dry reds enhance the taste of dark, bittersweet chocolate. As we all know, rules are sometimes meant to be broken, so experiment with what sounds good to you.

Missouri-made, high-quality chocolates compliment Missouri wines. Here are some pairings to try:

When the right wine and chocolate come together, there is no denying their chemistry.

Missouri Wines pair well with chocolate!