Warm Up with Missouri Wine and Chili

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Chili is a warming comfort food that’s hard to beat. One of the great things about chili is how many different kinds there are. It can be customized in countless ways to fit any palate preference. We’ve gathered some great recipes and paired them with delicious, local wines. If you were wondering what to make for dinner this week, now you know!

30 Minute Beef Chili is a great match with Norton for an easy, quick weeknight dinner.

Cherry Chipotle Chili has a delicious smokiness from the chipotle peppers and a tart, mild sweetness from the cherries. It’s perfectly complemented by a glass of Chambourcin.

Pork Green Chili features tomatillos, pablano chiles and pork shoulder. It may not be the most traditional chili, but paired with a glass of Vignoles, it will not disappoint.

Lamb Chili with Lentils is as hearty and warming as it gets! Pair this delicious chili with a glass of Missouri Norton.

White Bean Chicken Chili is great for a lighter option, and goes well with Chardonel.

Vegetarian Chili with Winter vegetables is healthy and tasty. Pair it with a glass of Missouri Chambourcin and it’ll be so good you’ll forget there’s no meat!

Grab a bowl and a glass and warm up with Missouri wine and chili. Yum!