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Missouri Almanac Offers a Fun, Quirky Look at Show-Me State

October 20, 2017
Do you know which famous scientist was the first African-American to have a national monument in his honor? Can you name the Hollywood A-lister who dropped out of Mizzou just weeks before graduation?

The answers to these questions and a wealth of information about Missouri are found in the newly released Missouri Almanac 2018-19, distributed by St. Louis-based Reedy Press.

With more than 140 pages of fun facts, trivia questions (and answers), games and photographs, Missouri Almanac is a handy resource for folks who want to brush up on Show-Me State history or are simply interested in learning more about the 24th state admitted to Union.

Leafing through the pages you find:

Details on famous Missourians such as Mark Twain and Scott Joplin and modern pop-culture personalities like Sheryl Crow and Nelly.

Facts and figures relating from everything to the state's population (approximately 6 million, just FYI) to the speed of Stealth fighters (many of which are stationed at Missouri's Whiteman AFB and fly at 1,000 feet per second).
Notes about made-in-Missouri movies and home-grown sports stars along with the interesting history of springs noted for their healing waters.

Prepare to laugh at some of the laws that formerly existed in Missouri, including a Moberly statute that made it illegal to race a stagecoach down Rollins Street and a St. Louis law that prohibited milkmen from running while on duty.

Oh, and the answers to the questions posed in the first paragraph: George Washington Carver and Brad Pitt.

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