Chardonel: Missouri’s Classic White Wine

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Chardonel is a hybrid grape with two well-known parents, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, but this grape doesn’t hide in the shadows. Missouri’s classic white wine, Chardonel, is the perfect pairing for spring weather, food, and fun. That’s why April has been named Chardonel Month!

Pronounced shar-doe-nel, this white grape embodies the best characteristics of both Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, producing quality wines that have a classic white wine profile and pair well with a wide variety of foods. Maybe that’s why it has been a long-time favorite with winemakers and consumers alike.

Chardonel wines can vary depending on the winemaker’s style. If a winemaker chooses to age their Chardonel in oak, the wine has a rich, creamy character with notes of oak, apple and subtle spice. Chardonel wines made in an un-oaked style feature more citrus and apple notes with a light, crisp finish. Chardonel pairs particularly well with creamy white cheese, grilled chicken, mushrooms and apple dishes. It’s the ideal wine to have on hand for dinners, entertaining or simply sipping on the patio this spring season.

As the weather warms up, head out to Missouri wine country and celebrate Chardonel with us. Cheers to Missouri’s classic white wine!