Your Guide to Missouri Coffee Roasters

November 20, 2018

Coffee; the elixir of life, the start to every morning, the pick me up that you just couldn't make it through the day without. To most people, coffee is not only a beverage, but an excitement that gives a feeling of energy to be harnessed from its liquid goodness. Coffee is, in and of itself, an experience. There is no denying that coffee is the world's most popular drink next only to water. So, the question is, whatdoes it take to make agreat cup of coffee?

Coffee is made from a seed of the fruit of a coffee tree, Coffea. The coffee-making process begins when the beans are picked and sent to the mills where the beans are removed from the cherries and dried. Next, the individual beans are sorted, cleaned and graded. From there, the beans are sent to your Missouri roasteries. When the beans arrive in Missouri this is when the magic happens; aromas are created and flavors are born.

Missouri does not fall short when it comes to local roasteries. You can find them near you in all regions of the state. In Southwest Missouri, you can find many roasteries in and near the Springfield area. Brick and Mortor, Heroes Coffee and Coffee Ethic are just a few located in Springfield. And if you enjoy a little kick, Mudhouse has two locations in downtown Springfield; Mudhouse coffee for your daytime coffee, and Mud Lounge for your 21+ night out. But don't quit your coffee endeavors there, stop byMt. Vernon and enjoy delicous tapas with your coffee at KeenBean Coffee Roasters.

In Kansas City, you can visit a roasterie in nearly every neighborhood of the city.The Roasterie, Broadway Roasting Company, and Parkville Coffee all offer unique styles and flavors to their roasts. Messenger Coffee Company + Ibis Bakery is the place to visit for a crafted cup of coffee, a beautifully designed space and maybe the best bakery item you've had in a while. Are you a tea lover? Headrush Roasters offers more than 40 loose teas.

St. Louis offers a large variety when it comes to coffee shop selections. Stop by Living Room in Maplewood or Blueprint Coffee on "The Loop" for a more modernized style of roasteries.Visit Shaw's Coffee on "The Hill" and it's as though you are sitting outside on the streets of Italy while you enjoy an espresso and scone.

Columbia is home to four coffee roasteries; Shortwave Coffee, Fretboard Coffee, Camacho Coffee and Lakota Coffee Company, each of which bring to the table very different aromas and styles that hardly fall short in the competition. Shortwave Coffee and Lakota Coffee both offer coffee education and brewing training on-site.

Coffee roasteries are not to be taken lightly in Missouri. Across the state you will find everything from mom-and-pop shops to up-and-coming modern concepts, all of which take pride in their roasting, bringing some of the world's finest coffee beans right to the Show-Me state! Below is a guide of Missouri coffee roasters and where to find them, by region and city.

Written by Grace Vonder Haar, former communications intern for the Missouri Divison of Tourism.


Alpha & Omega Roasting, O'Fallon
Blueprint Coffee, St. Louis
Coma Coffee Roasters, St. Louis
Comet Coffee, St. Louis
Dubuque Coffee Company, St. Louis
Kaldi's Coffee, St. Louis
La Cosecha Coffee Roasters, Maplewood
Living Room, Maplewood
Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters, St. Louis
Northwest Coffee Roasting, St. Louis
Park Avenue Coffee, St. Louis
Shaw's Coffee, St. Louis
Sump Coffee, St. Louis


Blip Coffee Roasters, Kansas City
Broadway Roasting Company, Kansas City
Hazels Gourmet Coffee and Tea, St. Joseph
Headrush Roasters Coffee and Tea, Kansas City
Kaldi's Coffee, Kansas City
Messenger Coffee Company + Ibis Bakery, Kansas City
Mokaska Coffee Company, St. Joseph
Oddly Correct, Kansas City
Parisi Artisan Coffee, Kansas City
Parkville Coffee, Parkville
River Market Roasting Company, Kansas City
The Roasterie, Kansas City
Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters, Kansas City
Weston Coffee Roastery, Weston


Brew House Coffee, Jefferson City
Camacho Coffee, Columbia
Coffee Zone, Jefferson City
Fretboard Coffee, Columbia
Kaldi's Coffee, Columbia
Lakota Coffee Company, Columbia
Omega Coffee Company, Laurie
Ozark Coffee Company & Roasterie, Sedalia
Shortwave Coffee, Columbia
Three Story Coffee, Jefferson City


Dynamite Coffee Co., Cape Girardeau
Parengo Coffee, Sikeson
The Ground About, Sikeston


Brick and Morter, Springfield
Classic Rock Coffee Co., Springfield
Coffee Ethic, Springfield
Common Grounds Coffee Shop, Strafford
Copper Canyon Coffee Roasters, Battlefield
Dancing Mule Coffee Company, Springfield
Eurasia Coffee and Tea, Springfield
Heroes Coffee, Springfield
KeenBean Coffee Roasters, Mt. Vernon
Kingdom Coffee, Springfield
Mudhouse Coffee, Springfield
Vintage Paris Coffee Shop, Hollister

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