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The 21st century provides us with plenty of cool stuff: entire libraries on a tablet computer; thousands of songs on one tiny device; the ability to chat and text with friends who are thousands of miles away. Sometimes, however, it’s interesting to turn the clock back to an earlier time—after all, plenty of fascinating things happened in other centuries, too.

At the Katy Depot and Railroad Heritage Museum, in Sedalia, experience the glory of the railroad age. The beautifully restored Katy Depot transports visitors to the Sedalia of olden times, when the railroad was the center of commerce. Check out the “All Aboard” exhibit for tons of great information about train travel; let the kids explore railroad history in the “Youth Room.”

In Poplar Bluff, inside the 1928 Frisco Depot, the Mo-Ark Regional Railroad Museum pays homage to the rich railroad history of southeast Missouri. Learn the story of seven different railroads; admire the 30-foot model train; explore two cabooses and a baggage car; and visit the Train Shop.

Soar ahead in transportation history when you visit the National Airline History Museum, at Kansas City’s Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. This wonderful museum, loaded with memorabilia from many of our nation’s airlines, houses many actual, restored aircraft, including: a Lockheed Constellation; a Martin 404; a DC-3; a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar; and others. Exhibits at the National Airline History Museum tell the amazing story of commercial aviation in the United States.

Long before aircraft took to the sky, Missouri settlers blazed trails of their own. Discover the early history of St. Joseph when you visit the Robidoux Row Museum. In the early 1840s, Joseph Robidoux built these modest apartments as temporary living spaces for pioneers heading westward. The St. Joseph Historical Society restored the buildings and created the museum, featuring exhibits about St. Joseph history as well as Robidoux family history. Original family possessions adorn many of the rooms.

The elegant Anheuser Estate, built on the banks of the Mississippi River in 1867, stands as the Anheuser Museum and Estate, in Kimmswick. Visit the home of this famous family, founders of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company. The museum’s collections include family heirlooms; antiques; portraits; a family library; brewery artifacts; original furnishings; and clothing.

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