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Great Works of Art–Outdoors
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Missouri is home to a number of art “galleries” that offer the perfect combination of natural and man-made beauty. So pack a picnic and grab your camera and sketchpad; Missouri’s sculpture parks are a great way to enjoy the weather while admiring some of the world’s most renowned works of art.

The Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park is a 22-acre oasis in Kansas City holds more than 36 sculptures, primarily from the 20th and 21st centuries. It is located on the grounds of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It features the formal landscape of a grass mall, flanked by gently undulating paths, and a canopy of trees supplying shade for the sculptures and visitors alike.
In St. Louis, Laumeier Sculpture Park is a 105-acre park showcasing more than 75 sculptures. The park presents
a series of rotating exhibits each year, featuring indoor and outdoor displays. Laumeier caters to the visually impaired, through the "Maquettes for the Blind" program, which provides interpretive text in braille, together with small-scale, hands-on models of featured works.

St. Louis Citygarden, which is four blocks west of the Gateway Arch, contains more than two dozen works of modern and contemporary sculpture, by some of the world’s most highly regarded artists. In addition to its sculpture and magnificent plantings, the garden features remarkable landscaping, including: a 550-foot-long arcing limestone wall which encloses a large video wall for video art and movies; a glass-walled cafe; a stunning, serpentine “meander wall,” capped in polished granite; a six-foot waterfall and a spray plaza, where 102 nozzles shoot water as high as six feet into the air, in thousands of patterns and colors.

The Henry Lay Sculpture Park, in Louisiana, Missouri, occupies approximately 20 acres, surrounded by a 300-acre natural refuge of lakes, streams and wooded hills. A well maintained path takes visitors on a walk through a Maple Grove, around the McElwee Cemetery, and past a number of sculpture pieces by nationally and internationally known artists.

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