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Savor Missouri
Author: Scott McCullough

Like food? Well, who doesn’t? Fond of wine and beer? Sure. Then you are sure to enjoy “Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine,” compiled and written by Nina Furstenau.

This coffee-table-style, full color book is a treasure of culinary delights. Travel the roads along the Missouri, Meramec and Mississippi rivers to discover tasty food, award-winning wine, hand-crafted beer, beautiful countryside, and quaint communities. Along the way, stop at down-home restaurants, wineries, orchards, bakeries, farms and other sources of luscious creations. Meet the people who produce and prepare some of Missouri’s best; hear their stories; share their recipes—it’s all right there, in the book.

“Consider Savor Missouri more than a book from which to create your next meal,” says Katie Steele Danner, director of the Missouri Division of Tourism. “Think of it as a gateway to memories your family and friends can share for generations to come.”

Meet Tim Puchta, the sixth generation operator of Adam Puchta Winery, established in 1855 in Hermann. He shares his recipe for Puchtarita (a refreshing wine-margarita), and Boeuf Bourguignon, simmered in Puchta Hunter’s Red wine.

Hear the story of Meier Horse Shoe Pines near Jackson, home of fresh lamb and, oddly enough, a Christmas Shop with (Thanksgiving weekend) hayrides to the cut-your-own tree farm. On page 77, the Meiers included their “secret” Lamb Marinade recipe, for succulent lamb kabobs.

On page 48, say hi to Laura Gilbert. Spoil yourself with delicious pastries and mouth-watering pies from Sugar and Spice Laura’s Delights in Montgomery City. Her recipe for Butterscortch Cookies [sic] is a gem.

Drawing from 32 towns and villages, Savor Missouri gives you more than 160 pages of such stories, including more than 80 recipes for savory dishes and satisfying drinks, all made with fresh Missouri products.

Dr. Jon Hagler, Missouri director of agriculture, summed it up this way: “With this wonderful guide, you can take the time to fully engage your senses, pair these recipes with travels throughout the state, and enjoy all of the beauty and tastes this great state has to offer.”

“I hope you will take a day trip out, or better still, a three- of four-day trip out into our beautiful River Hills,” says author Nina Furstenau. “Our river history, food culture, and wine heritage all meet at the table.”

Discover Missouri’s back-roads and: enjoy the show.

Savor Missouri: River Hill Country Food and Wine is available at bookstores, in kitchen and cooking shops, and at many wineries across Missouri, as well as through Amazon.com. Published by, and available from, Acclaim Press, a Missouri based publisher.

Nina Furstenau teaches food and wine writing in the University of Missouri Science and Agricultural Journalism program. She has written numerous food, travel, and culture articles for Missouri Life Magazine and other publications.

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